Ostofom Bonegraft


OSTOFOM  Guided Bone/Tissue regeneration


Ostofom is made from natural crystal hydroxyapatite & collagen fibers, which are having poor antigencity thus having wonderful tolerance.Ostofom is highly biocompatible being natural & specially treated to be devoid of reaction causing proteins & cells. Ostofom is porous particles to allow growth of oestoblast to remodel bone across the particles.Ostofom is resrobs completely in a span of 9-12 months. Ostofom is very east to handle since it is a charged particle and sticks to the place when soaked in physiological liquids.


Large percentage of inorganic component of bone is collagen while hydroxyapatite mimics crystalline structure of the bone salts. The acceleration of bone regeneration by inserting collagen with or without hydroxyapatite is experimentally & clinically demonstrated. Collagen accelerates haemostasis – clot formation – quick wound healing, presence of hydroxyapatite serves as scaffold initially for mineralization & stimulates cellular activity in the defect. Thus hydroxyapatite and collagen provide synergestic osteo-inductive & osteo-conductive properties for bone regeneration & remodeling.


  • Restoring bone in extraction socket.
  • Defects in corrective osteotomy.
  • Augmenting ridge
  • Periodontal, peri implant defects and treatment.
  • Defects after apicoectomy
  • Bone defects after removal of cysts.
  • Sinus lift surgery.
  • Defects after harvesting autogenous bone


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  2. Lowenberg et al (1985)
  3. Pitaru et al (1990) demonstrated collagens ability to mineralize
  4. Bluemental et al (1990) stimulate cell growth.
  5. Dr. Mrs. N.A. Malik, Dr. N.N. Andrade, Dr. P.J Solanki, at Nair hospital and dental college, Mumbai – Demonstrated use of Hydroxyapatite in maxilofacial surgery – Unicentric clinical trial 2002.


0.5 gm of hydroxyapatite & collagen fibers (granules / particles /cubes) Size: granules 400-600 Micron Particle: 900-1500 micron & 1500-2500 micron Presentation: Ostofom is packed in sterile dispensing vial of 1.0 cm / 0.5 gm Self life: 5 years from manufacturing.(Gama-radiation) Caution: its safety in pregnant or lactating women is not proven Adverse reactions: rejection of implants due to infection or immune mediation.